Clarity Money is on a
mission to give consumers a
financial champion.
More than two thirds of Americans distrust financial institutions

Managing your money is hard. We are all busy and we all have multiple accounts to manage. At times it can feel like the system is designed to confuse us.

In a world where there are services to help you shop, find great entertainment and travel, shouldn’t there be a company whose mission it is to watch your back and help you take control of your financial life?

Clarity Money is designed to do that very thing. We believe consumers should have an advocate, who puts their interests first, and who gives consumers transparency in their financial lives.

After thousands of hours of research and development, we’ve developed a powerful and secure tool like no other. A service that will forever change the way you think about finances, savings and managing your money.

Start linking your accounts now and experience transparency and control of your money.

We have combined cutting edge technology with some of the world’s best financial experts and data scientists to do the hard work of helping you manage your finances with complete transparency. We analyze your accounts and spending patterns, and make specific recommendations and surface better deals that you can act upon — all within the app and all at the push of a button. We put the power back in your hands, giving you secure and insightful visibility into your finances.

To make sure your data is secure, we built Clarity Money using bank level, 256-bit encryption. We do not store your login credentials and we have partnered with leading security companies including VeriSign and Experian.

We will never sell or share your data. We only make recommendations that are designed to improve your financial health.