How does it work
We Can Lower Your Bills
By taking advantage of certain discounts and coupons you may be entitled to, Clarity Money can negotiate with your existing service providers and lower your bills.
How does it work
We Can Cancel Your Subscriptions
Forgot you were paying for that gym? No longer need that subscription? Clarity Money can cancel unwanted accounts.
How does it work
We Keep You In-Check
We make sure that you don't overspend. We double check to make sure that you stay under your budget.
How does it work
We Suggest Cards That Fit Your Life
We analyze your spending and income and suggest credit cards well suited for your life.
How does it work
Create a Savings Account
With your free Clarity Money Savings Account we help you save towards a goal. Set it and forget it and we'll help you achieve your goal.
Our Approach

At Clarity Money, we believe in transparency and the power of technology to improve people’s lives. We built a system that analyzes your specific financial situation and works tirelessly to improve it. Clarity Money serves as your advocate, working to get you the most from your money.

We harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science to personalize your experience, using a combination of Natural Language Processing, Anomaly Detection and Spectral Analysis.

Achieving financial health is a process that involves an ongoing interaction between our users and Clarity Money. Our system learns your needs and allows you to take action, such as finding and canceling wasteful accounts, getting a better credit card or lowering your bills. What this means for you is unprecedented transparency and control in your financial life.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your financial champion.